Renevlyn Development Initiative

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& Publications

RDI is concerned about the impact of the mass media on the physical, social, cultural and psychological lives of recipients of media information.

We believe that the narratives from the media influence the actions of the citizenry and decisions made by policy makers. Going by this, we are not wrong when we assert that the right information delivered in the right format and through the right channel can inspire positive reactions the same way that misinformation, fake news or promotion of wrong values can elicit the opposite. 

The preferred media type that people respond to is also of importance to us as the foundation to measuring the effectiveness of our communication.

To achieve the goal of projecting issues around our thematic areas to our various publics, RDI organises empowerment trainings for journalists as a strategy of building their confidence, improving their knowledge and skills to enable them to properly research and write or air good reports.

We also publish our researches to serve as resources for learning and further engagement.

Our Areas of Intervention

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