Renevlyn Development Initiative

Environmental Justice

RDI concurs with the idea that Environmental justice is the fair treatment and meaningful participation of all people regardless of creed, race, skin color, nationality, or income, when it comes to issues of development and enforcement of environmental standards, laws, regulations, and policies.
RDI opposes the destructive practices of mining and so-called energy companies and believe that in Nigeria’s Niger Delta just like in other parts of the country where mining occurs there is disproportionate burden of pollution and absence of regulatory enforcement allowing corporations to escape responsibility for their actions.
Through our advocacy we affirm the right of all people to be protected from environmental pollution, and to thrive in a healthy environment.
We maintain that the activities of corporations  that harm the environment and people who own or inhabit the land violates international law, the Universal Declaration on Human Rights, and the UN Conventiom on Genocide.

We support transitioning from dirty energy projects but insist that host communities must participate as equal partners at all level of decision-making including needs assessment, planning, implementation, management, evaluation etc of clean energy projects.

Our Areas of Intervention

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